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Yost Automotive:

6517 N. Lamar Blvd.

Austin, TX 78752

Phone: (512) 452-9678

Fax: (512) 454-0224

We are a family-owned and operated, one-stop shop for all your automotive repair needs. Our ASE-Certified Technicians service all makes and models (excluding any Jaguar or Land Rover/Range Rover products), 1996 and newer, imported and domestic.
We also offer a 24-month/24,000 mile nationwide warranty on any repairs performed at our shop. Period.

“My shop is not like any other shop. Once you show up, you will never go anywhere else. I have been in business for over 20 years. My advertising strategy to date has been to do a good job and the word will get out. This has been very effective. However, there are those people who may never meet a person whose car I have fixed. People who are in need of HONEST estimates, QUALITY workmanship, and FRIENDLY customer service. You! So come meet me and my crew. We don’t suck.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Michael Yost, Owner

Meet our Crew

The Yost Auto

All of our repairs are covered under a 24-month/24K mile nation-wide warranty, unless otherwise specified. If you are outside of the Austin area and are in need of warranty repairs, please call (800)457-0019  to be put in touch with a shop in the area that will honor our warranty. This will also aide in roadside assistance for:

 - towing

 - lock-out service

 - flat-tire assistance

 - jump start

 - fuel

 - oil

 - fluid & coolant delivery

 (you must pay for the costs of the fluids delivered). The road-side assistance will reimburse up to $75 per occurrence.


Michael Yost, Owner

The O.G. Yoster, Michael, is a man who is hard to define.  A true mechanic in an old Austin way. He is the "Leslie" to the Austin Automotive World -  a legend, a lion in the vehicular jungle. Though you don't often see the paparazzi around him, you can be sure this mechanical star is worth following.  Michael started his business in the early 90's, in his own driveway. After outgrowing that space, he moved into a storage unit, then expanded into a second before buying his first location. Now, you can find him hopping between his multiple shops, all still centrally located and close to home like he likes it. Michael's career started from his undeniable love of wrenches and grease. His skill sets started small, but grew exponentially over the years! He has now cultivated a whole new standard in the automotive industry - the Yost Auto standard:  "Do it right the first time, get to know the customer, not just the car, and care about your business as a whole".  A man who smiles like a little boy when talking about his wife Anna, Michael radiates with fatherly love when speaking about his kids, Michael and Mya, as well.  Michael can be found sailing on the water, on his bike at social rides, or in his custom-built race car! So come on by, hang out at one of his shops and maybe you'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this true Austin celeb.

Anna Yost, Owner

Anna officially joined the Yost Auto team in 2011, after leaving her position as a clinical social worker in the state's foster care/adoption unit. She takes care of all the nitty-gritty, behind the scenes 'stuff' that makes Yost Auto run without a hitch. She's a true gem and a welcomed addition to the crew. 

Mark Johnson, General Manager

If there was ever a general manager to meet, it would be Yost's-own Mark Johnson.  A TRUE rock star, Mark was the very second employee to join the Yost Family. Not only is he both ASE and AMI-certified, but he has a deep-rooted passion for all things automotive that few others resemble. That passion is one of the many things he hopes to pass down to his son, Preston. Mark truly enjoys following new trends in the industry and loves sharing his knowledge with a smile. Come by, let Mark help you out with your vehicle and shake the hand of a real rock star.

Our Services


Free Brake Checks
Free A/C Checks
Tune - ups

Routine Maintenance
Oil Changes (with repairs)

Buyer/Trip Checks​

Minor Body Work

Catalytic Converter


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